To be happy?

To be happy?

Everyone needs something different to be happy. At least that is what they think. All people have the same basic needs- obviously food, shelter, blah blah. What else? Happiness, of any sort. However short lived it may be, it is a need. What does every person have in common that they desperately have to have to be happy? Everyone likes to consider themselves slightly seperate from the next person in terms of their needs, or ridiculously similar. Both can be true.
I would say that everyone needs someone to love them, but I don’t actually believe that. I think that it is nice, but not an absolute necessity. When your immediate needs are met, what is one of the main things that contributes to the happiness need? I think… everyone needs sleep. I know you “physically” need it, but I am talking about the psychological need for “the sleep moment”
That moment can be different for everyone. It is a Need. Necessary for all. It can be the stretch while waking up. The cool side of the pillow flip. The fuzzy moment where nothing is in focus, and then you realize nothing has to be in focus because you can go back to sleep. That break from the daily grind of dailyness. That moment when you wake up, and feel like you have slept for 8 hours, and it has only been 2. Everyone has a moment they love about sleep, a moment that brings them a sense of peace, or happiness. Whether it is when you drift off, or when you wake up, or somewhere in between.
For those who have sleeping issues, and go long periods without those moments, the world can become dark, hard to navigate, difficult. Sometimes, you don’t even realize it has become that way. You get so used to it that when you finally get your sleep moment, afterwards it is like a rainbow has been spread across your world.
For those plagued by nightmares, the moment can be when you wake up, and another night has passed. The sleep you snatched between the shuddering wake ups being just enough to get you by. Your moments are fewer, and farther between. When they happen though, it is more like the world has been colored with a technicolor wand.
Sleeping issues can be varied. Some being on the more difficult side, with a medical backing. Some can be just simple insomnia due to stress, grief, loneliness, anything really that can delay your moment.
I raise my hand for the nightmare version. I appreciate my moments with an overwhelming clarity. I appreciate the joy that my technicolor rainbow brings, and do my best to spread it to others.
There are Many Many Things in life that bring happiness, but I believe that a sleep moment should be listed in the top 4 for everyone. Even if you consider yourself a chronically unhappy person, and embrace that completely, whether you realize it or not, I will bet you have a sleep moment. It may be that minute before you fall asleep, when you know that you are getting a respite from humanity. It is still a moment.
Embrace your moment, for I wish you as many as you can grasp.


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