Because slugs still make me giggle….

Because slugs still make me giggle....

Giant fluorescent pink slugs. Found in Australia, and due to some geographical miracle that took place eons and eons ago (17 million years), they managed to avoid extinction. Now, the amazing 8 inch long creatures are quite nifty and interesting, and deserve their due credit for being so fascinatingly odd. I stare at them in wonder, while also trying to avoid the fact that they remind me of what happens to a male dog’s boy bits when he gets too excited.
All of this is interesting, and would be enough of a mental image to last me for a few days of wonder…
There are even MORE NIFTY and INTERESTING and FASCINATING creatures on the same mountain!
The rangers said that on a good day, you can see hundreds of these huge, ridiculously pink slugs… which is kind of bad considering that there are also three species of Cannibal Snail on the same mountain.
Cannibal snails. They come across the slime trail of another snail, and then hunt them down, and then gobble them up. Snails. In my head I see them similar to pygmy cannibals… small with pointy spears and tribal gear. I know that isn’t possible, but I want more info on them before I file away that image as too improbable. Are they bigger than the pink snails? When they start eating them, do they envision pink carnival taffy and snort through their chewy sounds? Does it affect their bowel movements like brightly colored icing? Do snails have teeth? Are theirs pointy and menacing? Or are slugs so slimy they just ooze down? Rather sad since the only thing these slugs have done is to resemble pepto too closely.
This has to make you wonder about Mount Kaputar. If the normally little bitty harmless creatures grow to be giants and eat each other, what about the normally more aggressive creatures? Maybe they are more docile, like cuddly alligators, or pleasant porcupines….sweetly smelling skunks? Or it could have the opposite effect, and everything bigger is even more voracious. It is like a cross between Jurassic Park and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Makes you wonder if the rangers go around in survival gear and are heavily armed with artillery and tranquilizers.
My mind is happily flicking away with images of the rangers, slugs, and snails. Long pointy spears for all.


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