Hmmm… You would think it would be a bit easier, don’t you? You would think, that people have enough going on in their own lives. Relationships, money, jobs, and etc. You would think, that with ALL the good books, evocative music, captivating art, and natural beauty, that people would find something better to do than to worry about how other people are believing, or what they are believing in, what they are saying, what they are doing behind closed doors, and how they are spending their time and/or money.
I understand that there must be a small measure of concern for other people’s actions. If you find a pile of dead kittens in someone’s front yard, by all means, be curious. Maybe tell someone who can LEGALLY investigate it. Don’t go peeking through their windows, or rifling through their trash. On the other hand, perhaps if more people would mind their own business more, then other people wouldn’t find the need to kill kittens
It makes me sad, everyday, to go to any media site and see the hate and discrimination still happening, everywhere, all the time.
So. Mind your own business. When you hear someone “blah blahing” about someone else’s beliefs, or actions (unless they are utterly amazing or self harmful) walk away. Tell them to Shhh.
Unless it is WalMart people watching, cause no one should have to give that shit up. I give a thumbs up to the people wearing the outfits we all love to stare at. They have more self confidence than most people breathing.
So shush it up. Pick up a book. Go for a drive to admire the scenery. Turn up the radio.


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