People have too much permission.  Self given permission.  Rather like men in the bathroom.  They have the same basic anatomical structure that women do, yet they think they have PERMISSION to be messy and/or long in the bathroom.  I understand, circumstances, blah blah.  It doesn’t take that long, or have to be that… splattery to get out.


Why…why..why…. do people think the “if I get __________ votes, my _________ will _________________.  Insert any number, and then words like drinking, puppy, dad, wife, mom, whatever!!! And the gross pics on FB?  No one needs to see a picture of a happy kitten, scroll down, and see some misshapen (that is spelled correctly) appendage or tumor of person in mid-surgery or whatever.  It is gross, and disturbing, and unsettling.

No one has permission to say things to hurt someone, or do things to embarrass someone or make them feel small or unimportant.  So. Quit thinking you have permission. I revoke your permission.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but not permission to shove it down someone else’s throat.

So… Nope.


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